90mm Dia Docking Latch

90mm Dia Docking Latch

Available to rent and buy

The docking latch is designed to interface to a female docking receptacle mounted on subsea structures or tooling packages.


The docking latch is designed to interface to a female docking receptacle mounted on subsea structures or tooling packages, the most common use for the docking latch is tool deployment units (TDU’s ).

The latch is operated by a hydraulic cylinder which when extended pushes two latch finger out to latch into the docking receptacle. Fitted to the unit is an internal spring that will allow self-release of the unit in the event of hydraulic power loss.

  • ISO 13628-8 standard
  • Spring return
  • 3000KG axial load capacity
  • Can be supplied as a pair complete with docking beam

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