REDO-GM 510 Intervention Pump

REDO-GM 510 Intervention Pump

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The 510 Intervention Pump is top of its class in the market on BOP Intervention for secondary emergency ROV Intervention.


The 510 Intervention Pump is top of its class in the market on BOP Intervention for secondary emergency ROV Intervention.

All hydraulics and most of the water pipes have been converted to compact bolted manifolds increasing reliability and with minimal maintenance preventing downtime occurrence. The pump-set consists of two independent pumping stages.

  • HI-flow stage to supply extremely high flow for fast travel of the BOP rams.
  • HI-pressure stage to provide pressure for shear

Both stages are designed to be switched automatically and can also be switched manually if required. This new design massively increases the reliability of the system. The Hi pressure pump controlling system has 4 levels of pressure. The required pressure is pre-set on deck and the switch over between pressure levels are controlled remotely via the ROV hydraulic controlling system.

The controlling system provides an option to prevent the shear of the tool passing through the BOP in case of starting the pump by mistake by a ROV operator. This solution can be fitted to this pump set to operate more BOPs by a variable operating pressure during a single subsea mission.

  • New revolutionary design
  • API S53 compliant BOP Intervention
  • Primarily for controlling BOP’s Rams
  • Operational with any standard work class ROV vehicle
  • The most powerful pump in absolute figures per ratio 1HP/Kg

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