Rental Services

Many of the major players in the oil and gas industry prefer to have expenditure on equipment against a day rate rather than to purchase, store and maintain equipment that may be needed for short periods. This approach enables companies to focus on the core aspects of their operations whilst contractors in a strong and established supply chain deliver what is needed when it is needed. J2 Subsea and Acteon sister company Seatronics have both played a crucial role in making this model work effectively for the industry. J2 Subsea supports ROV operators with a range of key rental products, including:

Delays in offshore operations can be extremely costly. A determination to help reduce the risk of equipment-related delays has shaped the way J2 Subsea organises its rental pool. Whilst some companies provide the bare minimum on a rental, our rental service is different.

When customers hire our equipment they receive a comprehensive solution in a box. This includes all of the necessary accessories required to complete the job. This means there are no nasty surprises or delays when equipment is sent offshore.

We believe that by providing all of the equipment required to utilise the tool, we help to ensure that our customers avoid costly operational delays.

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